Ridiculously psyched for the new season of Who after the new trailer? Here are the very finest and weirdest covers of the best TV theme in the multiverse.

First, here's all the original themes compiled for your viewing and listening pleasure:

Orbital and Matt Smith's live performance of the Who theme at Glastonbury must be the definitive cover of all time, even though it takes a while to get going and Smith seems to have difficulty hearing what he's playing. Still, by the end you'll be jumping around like there's a cybermat in your pants:

Orbital's studio version is also outstanding and will get your hearts beating:

Here's a very serviceable metal version. Blast it so loud they can hear it on Gallifrey:

This ska/reggae version is better than the one I was looking for and is going on my phone posthaste; this is so cool it would make Davros twitch like his life support was fluctuating:

The mellower ska/reggae version I was thinking of originally:

One acoustic guitar; the beauty is the simplicity (and the Tom Baker scarf):

One of many violin covers, with extra points for gaming outfit (but might be better with a Movellan wig, if the beads wouldn't get tangled up in the strings):

This is one of the better techno/trance remixes, which are more numerous than Adipose creatures:

Here's a trance version I'm not sure if I like or not:

Bill Bailey's much beloved Belgian jazz set:

Tesla coils:

Unquestionably the most annoying version:

And finally, on a Theremin:

Could there possibly be any other Who Theme cover that I missed? Feel free to fight the Silence with even more.