Also, for all the shocking stuff that happened in that episode, the most unforgettable thing for me was the revelation of the greatest taking-a-dump euphemism ever: sending a fax to Cleveland. I watched TWD just before going to bed and as I was drifting off, I kept waking myself back up chuckling over it. » 3/16/15 5:38pm 3/16/15 5:38pm

Evening Open Thread - Post Whatever Randomness Comes to Mind

Starting things off with how glad I am I stopped watching Helix. I just saw the following blurb for tonight's episode: Alan, Kyle and Winger search the woods for the tree with red sap that might be a cure for the pathogen. Wandering around looking for tree sap. That's about how I remember that show. » 3/13/15 11:17pm 3/13/15 11:17pm

Cloud cities are no good; Venus' atmosphere would dissolve them anyway. Terraforming, there's your answer. You've got to crash a bunch of asteroids with water and the other stuff you'd need into Venus to make it habitable. Takes a couple hundred years, though. Kim Stanley Robinson's 2312 talked about it in some detail. » 3/06/15 12:43am 3/06/15 12:43am

She should play everything, every role in everything, ever. Her and Diana Rigg. They should clone both of them 10,000 times and then go back and re-shoot every movie and TV show ever created with the two of them in all the roles: dudes, animals, everything. » 2/08/15 11:18pm 2/08/15 11:18pm

The New Word for Literally: Literally-Literally

As debate about the definition of the word literally changing to mean figuratively rages on, it turns out that—as with many other things—John Oliver already has it figured it out. » 2/07/15 5:03am 2/07/15 5:03am

I'm on board with most others here in the soft reboot category; Mulder and Scully are back at the FBI or are otherwise a still a partnership looking for aliens and other whacked supernormal shit. Any problems with continuity can be explained away in the first five minutes. No one will mind. » 1/26/15 12:36am 1/26/15 12:36am

Film Crew Engulfed by 'Poonado' of Whale Shit Astonishingly Unfazed

I think the only thing more amazing and stupefying than the fact that this happened is the fact that it happens so rarely. I was also impressed that the article actually managed to shoehorn some facts about whales in between all the fecal references. » 1/24/15 2:53am 1/24/15 2:53am

12 Monkeys Nitpick of the Week

The series premiere of 12 Monkeys was a bit slow at times but it had its moments. There was one thing, though, that shat me right out of the timeline. Spoilers ahead for non-time travelers. » 1/17/15 6:48am 1/17/15 6:48am

I didn't know her well but I always admired her toughness. She seemed to have faced a fair amount of adversity in her life and came out stronger and wiser for it. Raising a toast to her tonight. » 1/13/15 10:59pm 1/13/15 10:59pm

Attention Bear McCreary and Outlander-heads: Feb Release for S1 Score

Whether you loved the show or wished you could time travel back and warn yourself against watching it, McCreary's compositions never disappoint. After a few tantalizing clips of McCreary and wife Raya Yarbrough performing a couple of pieces at Comicon, the full Season One score is scheduled for release February 10.… » 1/12/15 9:14pm 1/12/15 9:14pm

I'd say mine is a close relative to yours, Louie—in fact I can't say for sure which I read first, but somehow I recall reading this as a youngling more vividly. » 1/12/15 8:50pm 1/12/15 8:50pm