She is fucking awesome, it is true. If it were up to me, Diana Rigg and Natalie Dormer would play all the characters—the dudes, the White Walkers, Hodor, everybody, all the time. Also, didn't she say something about how you should never kill somebody at a wedding earlier in the episode? I call foreshadowing. » 4/14/14 6:46am Monday 6:46am

La Habra is the town right next to mine and it was very strong here; whoa having an aftershock right now. That was the biggest quake I've been in since Northridge. A fair amount of mess, cracks in the patio, possible toilet damage (NOOOOOOO) and a couple broken plates. Another aftershock sheeeit... » 3/29/14 12:47am 3/29/14 12:47am

Not sure there's much you can do about sound quality with laptop speakers, but if you have problems using Windows 8 as pretty much everybody does, try using Pokki. It reintroduces the Win 7 start menu, gives you access to you favorite apps/programs and lots of other stuff. This is a real helper for Win 8 haters. » 3/25/14 10:00pm 3/25/14 10:00pm

So say you were on a spaceship running out of air—I hope this doesn't actually ever happen to you, by the way. You have to get through a hallway in hard vacuum, or go into a room in hard vacuum and dial some knobs or something to save the ship. You have no spacesuit, but you do have a decently sturdy plastic bag and a… » 3/14/14 10:41pm 3/14/14 10:41pm